Mutant Madness 2017 Round 1 Day 1

It was a fierce battle but Shark-Girl beat Unus in the play-in game. Now comes the stuff that actually counts! Now comes the first big round and we have 16 match-ups today! Vote for all of them below: #MutantMadness Round 1 Day 1 — Xavier Files (@XavierFiles) March 16, 2017 #MutantMadness Round1Day1 — Xavier Files (@XavierFiles) […]

Entry 066 – Nightcrawler

Art by Alan Davis Name: Kurt Wagner Code Names: Nightcrawler First Appearance: Giant Sized X-Men #1 (Oct ‘75) Powers: Teleportation, prehensile tail, being a great acrobat Teams Affiliation: X-Men, Excalibur About If there is one thing the X-Men stand for, it is equality. They believe in the dream of a world where people aren’t judged by the color […]

WEAPON X #1 Unites Deadly Mutants For a Deadlier Mission – Your First Look!

Press Release New York, NY—March, 15th 2017 — Decades ago, the Weapon X program engineered some of the deadliest mutant killers on the planet. Until one day, they mysteriously vanished. But this April, they’re reopening their doors once again! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside WEAPON X #1 – the new […]

Hyrda Tightens its Grasp Around the Marvel Universe with SECRET EMPIRE: UNITED

Press release New York, NY—March 14, 2017— The newly appointed head of S.H.I.E.L.D., Captain America, mankind’s most dedicated defender has shown his true colors as the Supreme Leader of Hydra. Now, Captain America has the power to lead the villainous hordes of Hydra to their goal of world domination with an all-new Secret Empire one-shot, […]

Mutant Madness 2017 Play-In Game

It’s time for the first round, and like all Play-In Games no one really cares or bets on them. We have the bottom of the barrel here with Unus and Shark-Girl duking it out for a chance to battle Cyclops. Like for Unus, Retweet for Shark-Girl #MutantMadnesss Play-In Game! Like for Unus, RT for Shark-Girl#xmen — […]

Editor Daniel Ketchum On The Mutant ResurrXion

Daniel Ketchum has edited over 900 comics in his career, the majority of them in the X-Men family. He sat down with Xavier Files to discuss ResurrXion and what the X-Men really mean. XF: The X-Men mean a lot of different things to different people, but what do the X-Men stand for in your eyes? DK: Empowerment. I […]

Mutant Madness 2017

With March Madness upon us, and the Master Ranking’s having just over 64 teams, I thought it would be fun to run a tournament based on the current list. During the tournament, you can vote for your favorite character by Liking or Retweeting on Twitter! It is gonna run on the same schedule as the NCAA tournament […]

Bish & Jubez: The Age of Strife 08 & 09

Bish & Jubez is an underground anti-authoritarian X-Men memorial-licensed web comic written and drawn by Adam Reck. Follow him on twitter @arthurstacy and tumblr at adamreck. 

Episode 06 – Kick Some Ass, Save the Girl, Get a Snack

Lenny is scary, Rainbow Connection is scary, everything is scary, I still love Kerry Make sure you rate and review the show! Oliver Sava had a great recap of the episode that we discussed Follow Legion Quest on Twitter! If you want to support the show check out our Patreon! Check out Max’s Marvel TL;DR