Entry 068 – Artie & Leech

Names: Arthur Maddicks and Leech Code Names: Artie and Leech First Appearance: X-Factor #2 (Mar ’86) and Uncanny X-Men #179 (Mar ’84) Powers: Thought projection and Power negation Teams Affiliation: Morlocks, X-Factor, X-Terminators, Generation X, Future Foundation About There is something pure about a friendship between young kids. The unconditional decision that “we’re friends now” is a joy to […]

Inktober 2016 Round Up

Inktober is a great event where artists draw something for each day of October. We just wanted to highlight 31 of the best X-Men piece of the event this year. Enjoy and make sure to follow these creators on twitter!   #inktober2016 Day 12 The original Rogue one! #inktober #rogue #RogueOne #xmen #xmenapocalypse pic.twitter.com/8PkbSE3paA — Chris Henderson […]

From the Ashes – 003 The D’Bari

Dark Phoenix was hungry, or so the story goes. She was hungry and finally free of constraints put in place by an all-too-human Jean Grey. She took to the sky, where she found in the universe a playground built solely for her. Long dead stars shined around her. She didn’t need to breathe. She was […]

From the Ashes – 002 Adrienne Frost

Dearly Beloved, We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of Massachusetts Academy headmistress, Frost Enterprises CEO, and Hellfire Club White Queen Adrienne Frost, of the Boston Frosts. The third of four children, Adrienne idolized her father, Winston; tolerated her mother, Hazel; and tormented her siblings. Cordelia, Emma, and Christian. At an early age, […]

Creator Corner – Joe Madureira

In the mid-1990’s, Marvel Comics was struggling. The Image exodus had seen their seven top-selling artists gone, and not on good terms. Todd MacFarlane (Spider-Man), Erik Larsen (Amazing Spider-Man), Rob Liefeld (X-Force), Jim Lee (X-Men), Whilce Portacio (Uncanny X-Men), Marc Silvestri (Wolverine), and Jim Valentino (Guardians of the Galaxy) were achieving very public success at […]