Who Is Major X?

There is a new X-Book coming from industry legend The Rob. It is about a character twenty-seven years in the making, and his name is Major X. You can read more about him in the press release below, it has many an X-Pun and is filled with The Rob’s trademark enthusiasm. But we have decided […]

Cyclops Is Back In This Exclusive Preview Of UNCANNY X-MEN #11

It has been a minute since Scott Summers has graced the pages of UNCANNY X-MEN. Longer still since he has spent time with his best frenemy Wolverine. Marvel has responded by giving us a triple-sized issue of UNCANNY X-MEN to celebrate the return. Writer Matthew Rosenberg, fresh off co-writing the 10-part weekly start to UNCANNY, […]

McElroy’s Reveal Shocking Retcon to DEATH OF WOLVERINE

This special report comes to us from Robert Secundus As XavierFiles has previously covered, Wolverine’s return has gone through many frustrating and befuddling twists and turns. Still, we all thought one thing would remain stable: what killed Wolverine in the first place. On January 7, Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy, three brothers perhaps best known […]

Enter The Age Of X-Man! With 6 New Mini-Series

Dear brethren, let us rejoice. Let us bask in the Age of X-Man. Dread it, run from it, Nate Grey still comes. Here is what we know: The Age of X-Man dawns…and the X-Men cannot stop it. After the apocalyptic dissolution of the X-Men comes…AGE OF X-MAN! And that’s about it. Lucky for us, we also […]

DEVASTATION! For People Who Hate Cyclops

We have long wondered what happens after the Uncanny X-Men Disassemble, now we know it is devastation. Oh but good news, Cyclops is back so people can finally stop complaining. Fan favorite writer Matthew Rosenberg takes over the title solo starting in February and he is joined by longtime X-Artist Salvador Larroca. We will see […]

Brisson and Gomez Ask “Cyclops: Dead or Alive?” In Upcoming UNCANNY X-MEN Annual

Announced at the NYCC X-Men panel (thanks Newsarama), Ed Brisson and Carlos Gomez will be teaming up for an UNCANNY X-MEN annual in January. It will ask the question, “Cyclops: Dead or Alive”? Just announced: Uncanny X-Men Annual #1, out this January! Cyclops, dead or alive? (Spoiler from @cracksh0t– super dead) #NYCC pic.twitter.com/9sW7Dl8Zk3 — AiPT! […]