Cullen Bunn on Magneto, Uncanny, and ResurreXion

After performing a wedding over Memorial Day weekend (and a long evening of celebration after) I awoke to a pounding headache, an unexpected guest in my hotel room, a missing car, and an e-mail from the writer of Uncanny X-Men. Cullen Bunn was gracious enough to take time away from his comics work to talk to […]

Mike Carey’s Legacy on the X-Men

Long time X-Men and X-Men: Legacy writer Mike Carey was gracious enough to sit down and talk to me about his 7 year run on the books. Mike was fantastic in the interview, I had room for improvement. If you enjoyed this make sure you follow Mike on twitter @michaelcarey191. If you want more content like […]

Interview with X-Men ’92 Writers Chris Sims and Chad Bowers

X-Men ’92 was one of the breakout hits of Secret Wars. Written by duo Chris Sims and Chad Bowers, with art by Scott Koblish, the book brought back the energy from the most popular era of the series, the 90’s. On March 30th Marvel will be relaunching the series with Sims, Bowers, and rising star […]