ResurrXion Line Up

Wanted to talk about the new ResurrXion books and did NOT feel like typing. Take a listen to what’s coming next!

How A ResurrXion Really Feels

This last couple of weeks have been amazing for fans of the X-Men. X-Merch is being announced again, film and TV projects have shown very impressive trailers, and a slew of new X-Books have been announced. Bigger than just new books book, the X-Men are going back to basics. Fans have been clamoring for change over the last […]

Perpetual Children of the Atom

Art by John Cassady Like many others, I’m a fan of superhero comics – and I use the term in its literal sense, as a shortening of ‘fanatic’. You see, my love of comics, especially superheroes, has moved from hobby to obsession – and there’s only one group that can match the warm glow of […]

X-Men Legends II Was By Fans, For Fans

It’s hard to make a game adaptation that really feels like that really feels like the source material. Licensed games have often carried the stigma of being subpar and something that exists so Grandma has something safe to get little Johnny, so it is utterly surprising to find a game that just nails everything you […]

In Defense of the Franchise

I had a very busy week and absolutely no time to research Sage so this week I am doing something a little different. I have been working on this for a few months on and off and with Apocalypse close approaching this seemed like a good time. If you disagree with this post, please leave a comment, I would […]