Entry 067 – Hellion

Art by Sana Takeda Name: Julian Keller Code Names: Hellion First Appearance: New Mutants #2 (Aug ‘03) Powers: Telekinesis Teams Affiliation: X-Men About A healthy awareness of one’s ability is a good thing. When that devolves into arrogance it becomes an issue. That’s why Spider-Man’s mantra “with great power there must also come great responsibility” is so important. Spider-Man would […]

Entry 066 – Nightcrawler

Art by Alan Davis Name: Kurt Wagner Code Names: Nightcrawler First Appearance: Giant Sized X-Men #1 (Oct ‘75) Powers: Teleportation, prehensile tail, being a great acrobat Teams Affiliation: X-Men, Excalibur About If there is one thing the X-Men stand for, it is equality. They believe in the dream of a world where people aren’t judged by the color […]

Entry 065 – Polaris

Art by Jim Steranko Name: Lorna Dane Code Names: Polaris, Magneta, Malice, Magnetrix First Appearance: X-Men #49 Powers: Mastery of Magnetism Teams Affiliation: X-Men, X-Factor, Starjammers About How important is your parentage? Are you defined by who raised you or your genetic code? For Lorna Dane it wasn’t that simple. She wavered between the person she thought she was, […]

Entry 64 – Old Man Logan

Art by Andrea Sorrentino and Marcelo Maiolo Name: Logan Code Names: Wolverine First Appearance: Fantastic Four #558 (but only on a technicality and has unofficially been retconned out of continuity) Powers: Healing factor, enhanced senses, adamantium coated claws in hands and feet Teams Affiliation: X-Men About The beauty of alternate realities in comic books is their ability to show […]

Entry 063 – X-23

Art by Ariela Kristantina and Sonia Oback Name: Laura Kinney Code Names: X-23, Wolverine First Appearance: X-Men: Evolution Season 3 Episode 11 Powers: Healing factor, enhanced senses, adamantium coated claws in hands and feet Teams Affiliation: X-Men, X-Force, Avengers Academy About In 1943, the writers of the Batman movie serials introduced The Bat’s Cave, a secret underground lair for the […]

Entry 062 – Caliban

Portrayed in Logan by Stephan Merchant Name: Unknown Code Names: Caliban First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #148 (Aug ’81) Powers: Can sense other mutants, forces others to feel fear Teams Affiliation: Morlocks, X-Factor, X-Force About If there was one thing Chris Claremont loved, it was dropping references as often as he could. Legion was inspired by a passage in the […]

Entry 061 – Legion

Art by Paul Davidson Name: David Haller Code Names: Legion First Appearance: New Mutants #25 (Mar ’85) Powers: A different power for every personality Teams Affiliation: X-Men About People thrive for control. The unknown is a dark expanse and anything we can to shine a light on it matters. It makes us feel safe because we want to be the […]

Entry 060 – Cable

Art by Marko Djurdjevic Name: Nathan Christopher Charles Dayspring Askani’son Summers Code Names: Cable, Soldier X First Appearance: New Mutants #86 (Feb ’90) Powers: Telepathy, Telekenisis, A Big Gun Teams Affiliation: New Mutants, X-Force, Six Pack, X-Men, Avengers About Continuity is one of the trickiest things in shared-universe superhero comics. In the hands of a good writer, the […]

Entry 059 – Ink

Name: Eric Gitter Code Names: Ink First Appearance: Young X-Men #1 (June ’08) Powers: Causes sickness, super strength, telepathy, flight, causes explosions, healing, tap into Phoenix-like energies Teams Affiliation: X-Men About There is power in a symbol. It’s a concept that’s at the center of almost every Big 2 superhero story. Criminals, being the cowardly and superstitious […]

Entry 058 – Dazzler

Art by Bill Sienkiewicz Name: Alison Blaire Code Names: Dazzler First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #130 (Feb ’80) Powers: Turns sound into light Teams Affiliation: X-Men, Excalibur About In 2014, writer Kieron Gillen and artist Jamie McKelvie released a new series called The Wicked + The Divine. It tells the story of twelve reincarnated gods, given shape […]