Entry 063 – X-23

Art by Ariela Kristantina and Sonia Oback Name: Laura Kinney Code Names: X-23, Wolverine First Appearance: X-Men: Evolution Season 3 Episode 11 Powers: Healing factor, enhanced senses, adamantium coated claws in hands and feet Teams Affiliation: X-Men, X-Force, Avengers Academy About In 1943, the writers of the Batman movie serials introduced The Bat’s Cave, a secret underground lair for the […]

Entry 062 – Caliban

Portrayed in Logan by Stephan Merchant Name: Unknown Code Names: Caliban First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #148 (Aug ’81) Powers: Can sense other mutants, forces others to feel fear Teams Affiliation: Morlocks, X-Factor, X-Force About If there was one thing Chris Claremont loved, it was dropping references as often as he could. Legion was inspired by a passage in the […]

Entry 061 – Legion

Art by Paul Davidson Name: David Haller Code Names: Legion First Appearance: New Mutants #25 (Mar ’85) Powers: A different power for every personality Teams Affiliation: X-Men About People thrive for control. The unknown is a dark expanse and anything we can to shine a light on it matters. It makes us feel safe because we want to be the […]

Entry 060 – Cable

Art by Marko Djurdjevic Name: Nathan Christopher Charles Dayspring Askani’son Summers Code Names: Cable, Soldier X First Appearance: New Mutants #86 (Feb ’90) Powers: Telepathy, Telekenisis, A Big Gun Teams Affiliation: New Mutants, X-Force, Six Pack, X-Men, Avengers About Continuity is one of the trickiest things in shared-universe superhero comics. In the hands of a good writer, the […]

Entry 059 – Ink

Name: Eric Gitter Code Names: Ink First Appearance: Young X-Men #1 (June ’08) Powers: Causes sickness, super strength, telepathy, flight, causes explosions, healing, tap into Phoenix-like energies Teams Affiliation: X-Men About There is power in a symbol. It’s a concept that’s at the center of almost every Big 2 superhero story. Criminals, being the cowardly and superstitious […]