Battle Of The Atom: Episode 86 – The Borg Are Just Phalanx Right?

We boldly go where no podcast has gone before and talk about Star Trek. I know nothing about it. Adam gets frustrated at continuity. Ranked this episode: Star Trek/X-Men #1 Star Trek: The Next Generation/X-Men: Second Contact #1 X-Men: Kingbreaker Our outro music this week is Star Trek TOS 8-bit de-make by PeachyPixel8

When Will Marvel Stop Being Cowards And Let Nightcrawler Be Amazing?

In AGE OF X-MAN: THE AMAZING NIGHTCRAWLER #1 by, Seanan McGuire and Juan Frigeri everyone’s favorite blue and fuzzy mutant is the most popular and famous figure in the world. This is the best indication we have that this alternate reality is actually the utopia it is claimed to be. Over forty years past his […]

Battle Of The Atom: Episode 84 – Faith & Begorrah

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Well, soon I guess. We celebrate in the X-Men way by just winging it based on cultural sterotypes that are probably a little insensitive. It is a very X-Men way to celebrate, that is for sure. Anyway we rushed to get this out so it isn’t as editied as usual, sorry […]

Battle Of The Atom: Episode 83 – I Did It All For The Nookie with Dan McMahon

Let’s chug some Mountain Dew, hit a sick kick flip, and talk about how our parents just don’t understand us. We got Dan McMahon here with us to talk about Adam-X the X-Treme. Ranked this Episode: X-Force Annual #2 Captain Marvel #2-#3 X-Men #39 (Adam-X the X-Treme Goes Camping) Check out Dan’s podcast Super Sons Here’s […]