Car Jackers and Connections – #XMENMONDAY Round-Up

Every Monday, Senior X-Men Editor Mark Paniccia answers fans questions and shares cool new art from the X-Line. We’ll be here compiling all those hints in one place, alongside the rest of the best stuff in X-Men Social media, so you don’t have to worry about missing a single second of it. This is #XMENMONDAY Round-Up

This week was like, super light in terms of sneak peaks. That doesn’t mean we sent doing an article, just a bit light and with nothing from Panic himself.

ASTONISHING X-MEN writer Charles Soule addressed a fan concern about how larger changes in the X-Men universe impact his book

Javier Rodríguez gave us a look at Blink from EXILES

Pepe Larraz showed us inks of his Young Gun Variant of Laura

Adam Gorham gave us somethign magikal

J. Scott Campbell also got in on the mystic fun

Yildiray Cinar showed off some WEAPON X inking

X-MEN: RED & ALL-NEW WOLVERINE writer confirmed a neat little connection between the two books. Jean helps stop a carjacking near the start of X-MEN: RED and the criminals might be familiar to eagle-eyed readers.

Fans may remember them from the best part of CIVIL WAR II

Hoping for some more anything next week!

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