Every Monday Senior X-Men Editor Mark Paniccia answers fans questions and shares cool new art from the X-Line. We’ll be here compiling all those hints in one place, alongside the rest of the best stuff in X-Men Social media, so you don’t have to worry about missing a single second of it. This is #XMENMONDAY Round-Up

X-FACTOR Lives Again?

EXILES writer Saladin Ahmed shared some interesting history about how the book came to be during a live panel. The whole interview is great but Ahmed subtly dropped something extremely interesting along the way. The EXILES pitch was asked for by Will Moss, editor of some of Marvel’s best titles but not someone who works in the X-Office. He didn’t ask Saladin for an EXILES pitch, but one for X-FACTOR that evolved into something else. Ahmed went on to say that X-FACTOR ended up happening for a different writer along a different thread. We have been saying for a couple months now that Jamie Madrox would soon be resurrected, but could a new X-FACTOR book be coming with him? It sure sounds like it.

Plus there is also this

Loose Ends In Phoenix

The end of PHOENIX RESURRECTION left fans with a ton of questions including one that X-MEN: RED writer Tom Taylor gave an answer to.

Can X-Men fans be expecting a summer even of some sort of one-shot? I don’t know, maybe?

PHOENIX RESURRECTION writer Matthew Rosenberg and JEAN GREY scribe Dennis Hopeless fielded some questions about loose ends in the book as well thanks to a Tweet from friend of the site Daily X-Men Facts.

So there you have it, comics pros reaching out to fans and explaining their side of the story.

What’s Panic Up To?

X-Men Group Editor Mark Paniccia, who’s friends all call him Panic (and we’re all friends here right?) shared a page from X-MEN: RED that just looks killer.

As Matthew Rosenberg continued to connect with fans, Panic dropped some great news for anyone who liked PHOENIX RESURRECTION, SECRET WARRIORS, and 4 KIDS WALK INTO A BANK. Rosenberg has projects in the X-Office that we don’t even friggin’ know about.

We got an increadibly obscure tweet about making Johnathan even cuter but I am VERY excited about it.

Plus art of the constantly amazing boy himself

He also teased some X-Work by Mariko Tamaki

Oh and some WEAPON X

Just A Ton Of Dead Souls

NEW MUTANTS: DEAD SOULS artist Adam Gorham gave us some Magik, some Boom Boom, and some hints on the most important topic. Casual wear.

 Unsorted Art & Swimsuit Balls

We got a smiling Sabretooth thanks to WEAPON X artist Yildiray Cinar

GENERATION X artist Amilcar Pinna showed off his chops with a fabulous group shot from that book

Rumored STORM artist Jen Bartel dropped this bomb of a beautiful Jubilee print

X-MEN: RED’s Mahmud Asar showed us some Gambit

Speaking of which, Kelly Thompson revealed that we are going to be seeing a unique side of him in ROGUE & GAMBIT #3

David Marquez teased some Logan from THE HUNT FOR WOLVERINE

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