After 13 years, Jean Grey is coming back in PHOENIX RESSURECTION: THE RETURN OF JEAN GREY by Matthew Rosenberg and an assortment of artists, with Joe Bennett on the third issue. Just like last week, we got some theories. Issue #3 expanded on the world and moved things into place for the finale, even if it didn’t address some questions fans had. Luckily the weekly schedule means we won’t have to wait long for answers. Still, let’s look at some theories about what the heck is even going on in this book.

Reference City

Just like last week, Elsewhere Jean is suffering a flashback into 616 Jean’s life. This time to Jamaica Bay in UNCANNY X-MEN #100 and her first “death” which lead to the first appearance of the Phoenix. This episode, however, takes place in public. The Elsewhere continues to be populated almost exclusively with references to other X-Men things including Gateway, Dr. Reyes, Hammer Bay, Nightcrawler, and Wolverine (who creeps Jean out). She is also approached by Darwin, who asks if she needs help. This is interesting because this is the first confirmation that mutants exist in the Elsewhere, though Jean apparently isn’t one.

The Empty Grave

Weird happenings continue to occur in the 616. A Phoenix raptor flies out of Jamaica Bay, assembly to proclaim that it is no longer the woman anyone once knew and Kitty Pryde leads an X-Men team to the grave of Jean Grey. The empty grave, that is. Needed in psychic to figure out what to do next they turn to the only person they know, Emma Frost. Casually Emma reveals that she knows the Phoenix is back, she saw it in JEAN GREY #10. Perhaps out of the goodness of her heart, or perhaps to spite her longtime rival, Emma tells Kitty exactly where the Phoenix would go next. Before the Dark Phoenix Saga began, Scott and Jean had a beautiful, romantic moment on a plateau in New Mexico. There they decided to get married before tragedy struck. A place that emotionally important to the Phoenix? That is where she would be.

Haunted By The Past

In the Elsewhere Jean walks home, haunted by some ghost. The feeling of dread proves real as her house burst into flames around her. Jean finds herself face to face with the Phoenix, needing answers.

The Door

Emma’s suspicions about New Mexico prove to be founded in reality as Kitty leads her team there. They initially see nothing but Magik feels something and with her Soulsword, breaks a protective barrier. A fiery red dome reveals itself to the X-Men and a door opens itself and worlds are about to collide.

Wild Mass Guessing

An astute reader on Twitter discovered the poem An Epithalamion, or Marriage Song on the Lady Elizabeth and Count Palatine Being Married on St. Valentine’s Day by John Donne has specific meaning to this story. This will be a glorious resurrection for Jean, but the question remains. Which Jean? At this point I honestly believe there are four Jean’s in play. O5 Jean, who the Phoenix removed from the playing field, Ghost Jean, who has all the memories about Jean’s life, Elsewhere Jean, who is the empty shell of Jean, and Elsewhere Phoenix, who represents the power Jean had. The X-Men appear to be entering the Elsewhere, perhaps they can work to combine Jean’s body, memories, and power into the Jean we know and love. We’ll find out in two week!

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