Are We Getting Canceled Or Are We Rising Like A Phoenix? – #XMENMONDAY Round-Up

Every Monday Senior X-Men Editor Mark Paniccia answers fans questions and shares cool new art from the X-Line. We’ll be here compiling all those hints in one place, alongside the rest of the best stuff in X-Men Social media, so you don’t have to worry about missing a single second of it. This is #XMENMONDAY Round-Up

End of an Era?

This isn’t a #XMENMONDAY spoiler per say but this feels like the right place to address rumors in the X-Universe so it is going here. On Friday Bleeding Cool posted a rumor that X-MEN: GOLD would be ending this summer with issue #30 and X-MEN: BLUE with #28. While Marvel has often rotated titles out this rumor doesn’t jive with what creators have said about the books. In X-MEN: GOLD #17 Mark Guggenheim said that he had outlines through #34.

Cullen Bunn on X-MEN: BLUE confirmed he had plans through #31.

Perhaps these are just weasel words and plans that will never come to be but for now, I’d call this rumor questionable.

Phoenix Rising

We only have one thing have a bunch of stuff (someone jumped the gun posting this) from Mark this week including a fantastic variant cover from PHOENIX RESURRECTION #4 by Mukesh Singh.

We also have a first look at something with two characters who aren’t going to have a book soon.

Is it a crossover? That X-MEN BLACK that everyone thinks is happening regardless of evidence? Only time will tell.

Grand Ole’ Design

X-MEN: GRAND DESIGN has been a stand out comic the last couple of weeks and cartoonist Ed Piskor has been sharing some super cool behind the scenes stuff. First off a look at an early draft of the comic.

He also shared a look at the full cover for the Treasury Edition collection of the first chunk of the series.

If you haven’t taken a look at this book you are missing out.


We knew we were getting a baby Wolverine in the upcoming EXILES book but I never imagined it would be this.

This isn’t any baby Wolverine, this is a deep cut from the 2009 X-BABIES mini as Saladin Ahmed explains.

Some things in this world feel like they are specifically made for me.

Atomic Art

Christina Strain is known for being the writer of GENERATION X (R.I.P.) but before that she was an outstanding colorist. Though she has said she isn’t interested in returning to colors professionally, sometimes you have to scratch that itch and GENERATION X artist Amalicar Pina was happy to help.

Elsewhere on the Twitter, UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL artist Erica Henderson shared her redesign of mutants with gross powers and I absolutely love it. #BringBackMaggott

Q’s & A’s

For anyone looking for more New Mutants, Mark has something you might like.

If you were missing Cyclops or Multiple Man get excited.

Please let Scott rest…

Shocking no one, there will be new X-Books at some point this year.

Straight from being the best part of THE GIFTED, Polaris is getting a redesign soon.

That’s what we got this week! See you next #XMENMONDAY

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