Is X-MEN GOLD ANNUAL #1 Going To Spoil A Huge Development?

In X-MEN GOLD #9, Colossus abruptly proposed to Kitty Pryde. The two had recently begun dating again so the move came across as sudden and Kitty reasonably needed time to think about it.

Which brings up X-MEN GOLD ANNUAL #1 by Marc Guggenheim and Leah Williams with art by Alitha Martinez, out next Wednesday. Previews have placed this book in continuity between Issues #22 and #23 of X-MEN GOLD, out in late February and early March. This is most obvious with Rachel switching to a new costume.

Early in the issue, a stork brings Kitty a message from Meggan to kick off the adventure. The promotes a very interesting comment from the best-written character in X-MEN GOLD, Old Man Logan. He jokes that Kitty & Pitor’s engagement had something to do with the sudden appearance of this stork. Problem is we haven’t seen Kitty accept Pete’s proposal.

It looks like these two love birds are finally ready to tie the knot, which may explain Rachel’s more emo get up. Could this be the wedding of the century Marvel has been promoting? Only time will tell, but it can’t end worse that Kitty’s last engagement.

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