Watch Jean Grey’s New Story Unfold in Marvel’s PHOENIX RESURRECTION Teaser Video!

Press Release

New York, NY—November 22, 2017—This December, adult Jean Grey will live again, in a return fans have been demanding for years. Today, Marvel is proud to present a closer look into the world of Jean’s return with a special teaser video for the upcoming five-part epic PHOENIX RESURRECTION.

“Our series examines how she comes back, why she comes back, and what that means on a bigger sense for the X-Men and the world as a whole,” said series writer Matt Rosenberg.

“One of the things that really excites me as an editor about the return of a character like this is where we’re going to go with her now,” added senior editor Mark Paniccia. “And her mission now, as simple as it sounds, is to save the world. The way that she does that is going to take a lot of readers by surprise.”

As a true celebration of the character’s power and iconic status, all five issues will be drawn by five different blockbuster artists who will each offer their take on Jean Grey throughout the run.

Jean Grey’s newest adventure, PHOENIX RESURRECTION hits comic shops December 27th!

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I’m really excited about this! Check out some of the cool art from this video!

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