Entry 096 – Synch

  • Name: Everett Thomas
  • Code Names: Synch
  • First Appearance: X-Men #36 (Sept ‘94)
  • Powers: Synchronistic Aura
  • Team Affiliation: Generation X


Here is a weird trick about superheroes, you always run into someone who’s special gift involves copying other’s powers. When viewed in a vacuum, this makes absolutely no sense. You have an ability that makes you dependent on others, not one that is going to help you survive. Within the context of a superhero universe, especially on team books like X-Men, it is brilliant. It forces a character to surround themselves with friends, allies, or anyone who could connect with them. It makes them the ultimate team player and for Generation X, that team player was Synch.

Everett Thomas was the son of loving parents in St. Louis. He was never alone, surrounded by the many children his family fostered and that molded him. He was a textbook big brother and excelled in school, wanting to study political science in college. Everett wanted to make a difference, he was a good kid, but that didn’t stop him from getting guns drawn on him by the police force.

Andy Kubert, Matt Ryan, Bill Oakley

An alien race known as the Phalanx had dedicated themselves to finding and destroying the next generation of mutants. They hid as police officers and surrounded Everett in hopes to eliminating him, but Everett could feel something they couldn’t. He felt his aura synchronizing with that of another mutant in the area and was able to copy their abilities for his own use. He was found by Banshee, Emma Frost, Jubilee, and Sabretooth who enlisted him in the fight against the Phalanx. They battled their way to California where they rescued young, captured mutants and were able to hold off the Phalanx invasion.

Andy Kubert, Matt Ryan, Bill Oakley

This young group of mutants needed what Xavier originally envisioned, they needed a school. Emma and Banshee reopened the Massachusetts Academy as the new Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters where Everett enrolled. He took the codename Synch and quickly realized that he was the most level-headed of his new teammates. He had a soft spot for some of the younger students at the school. When Artie and Leech joined the school, Synch led the charge to build them a treehouse to play in. He became well-liked by everyone he met, especially Monet who he found himself drawn to.

Roger Cruz, Mark Buckingham, Steve Buccellato

Generation X, as they came to tall themselves, was attacked by the mutant vampire Emplate and Synch got the rawest deal out of it. While the team was able to beat Emplate back, Synch was infected by the monster and brought under his thrall. Under Emplate’s influence, Synch broke into his old family home and attempted to feast on his baby sister’s life force. Generation X raced to save their friend, but only when his synchronistic aura melded with Monet was Everett able to come to his senses.

Joe Madureira

The mystery behind Emplate was far from over. The team discovered that Emplate was actually Monet’s brother and that Monet was an amalgamation of her younger twin sisters and that Penance was actually the real Monet. This both confused and upset everyone. To make family matters worse, all the St. Croix’s combined into an entity known as M-Plate who kidnapped Synch in a truly bonkers plan to combine the conciseness of the entire universe. The team worked things out, but at the cost of some substantial collateral damage.

Chris Bachalo

The damage really upset some juvenile delinquents named Dorian and Weasel. The recent conflict destroyed their van and it sent them into a rage. They saw Synch and just another dirty mutie causing trouble. The cornered him, away from anyone who could synch up with, and beat Everett into a coma. Banshee was able to find Synch and nurse him back to health. Some people might have sought revenge, but Everett was better than most. He went out of his way to make peace with Dorian and Weasel, even replacing their destroyed vehicle. He didn’t want to perpetuate that cycle of hate he had seen throughout his life. He wanted to legitimately improve human and mutant relations.

Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson, and Nic Musolino

Speaking of relations, Everett found himself embroiled in them. Jubilee harbored a one-sided crush and on him but Synch fancied Gaia, whenever she was around. Being awkward teenagers, no one wanted to make a move, no one except Monet. She knew what she wanted and was determined to get it. She flirted with Everett, but he was too shy to make things official. She decided to drop all pretext and give him a passionate kiss. Synch was finally ready to take the hint and they started dating.

Steve Pugh, Bob Wiacek, and Kevin Somers

As Emma’s considerable funds began to run dry she was forced to turn to her sister Adrienne to keep the school open. Adrienne was willing to help out, but only if the Massachusetts Academy was opened to humans as well as mutants. Adrienne began manipulating the school so anti-mutant sentiments would grow throughout the human population. Everett took the brunt of it, being beaten by bigoted bullies. In the final part of her revenge plot against Emma, Adrienne planted bombs across the campus and Generation X jumped into action. They were able to disarm all the bombs, save one, the one Everett found. While most of the school had evacuated, Everett’s bullies remained on campus and right in the blast radius. Synch selflessly threw himself on the bomb. Everett Thomas died as he lived, the supportive big brother fighting for a better tomorrow.

Steve Pugh, Bob Wiacek, and Kevin Somers

Must Read

Synch being largely a supporting character doesn’t get many spotlights in Generation X which is why is turn as Emplate’s thrall in Generation X #12-#16 is so interesting. First off, you get that great Chris Bachalo art all Generation X fans crave. Second, you get to see Synch as the team player and a completely inverted character. You get more of his family dynamic and get to see aspects that fans really like about Synch. This series is missing from Marvel Unlimited and Comixology but it is a comic from the 90’s with an X on it, it’s in the $1 boxes at your local shop.


So here’s the thing, Synch is the worst member of Generation X. Even after 70 issues he feels like a pretty blank slate. He is a nice guy, friendly, a good kid, but he doesn’t have any interesting edges. It doesn’t help that his powers don’t lend to exciting or visually interesting fights or that they were always a little awkward in their depiction. Right now we have Skin on the list at number 68 but I like Skin a lot more than Synch. I don’t think he is actively frustrating, so he goes above Sage at 82 but I’m more interested in Polaris stories than I am Synch ones. That places Synch as the new number 81 in the Xavier Files.

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