Cable #150 Gets A New Creative Team & Newer New Mutants For Marvel Legacy

As reported on Previews World, James Robinson and Carlos Pacheco are out with Cable #150 and Old Man Logan scribe Ed Brisson is in with Thunderbolts artist Jon Malin. Cable will be hunting a time traveling killer and enlisting past versions of Longshot, Shatterstar, Doop, X-23, Blink, and Armor to help him on his quest. Check out the solicit below

CABLE #150


The time-traveling mutant known as Cable has made it his one-man mission to preserve all of time itself. But when a disturbance in the timestream sends Cable back to the recent past, he’ll find a mutant killer he won’t be able to handle alone. Cable’s led teams of X-Men before and he’ll have to turn to some old allies and new friends to stop this deadly threat. Get ready for the newer New Mutants!

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