Entry 071 – Shadowcat

Art by David Marquez Name: Katherine Pryde Code Names: Ariel, Sprite, Shadowcat, Star-Lord First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #129 (Jan 80) Powers: Intangibility Teams Affiliation: X-Men, Excalibur, SHIELD, Guardians of the Galaxy About Seeing kids grow up is weird. It is terrifying to look at a thirteen-year-old and think that in just five years we as a culture assume they […]

Meet the Next Class of X-Men – Your First Look at GENERATION X #1!

Press Release New York, NY—April 18th, 2017 — For the first time in years, the Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach throws open its doors once again – ready to foster the next generation of mutant heroes and diplomats! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside those hallowed halls with GENERATION X […]

Bish & Jubez Easter

Bish & Jubez is an underground anti-authoritarian X-Men memorial-licensed web comic written and drawn by Adam Reck. Follow him on twitter @arthurstacy and tumblr at adamreck. 

Episode 10 – Dream Team

Zack & Matt talk about our dream creative team on a Legion book in our April episode Make sure you rate and review the show! Follow Legion Quest on Twitter! If you want to support the show check out our Patreon!

Entry 070 – Hope Summers

Art by Jim Cheung and Laura Martin Name: Hope Summers Code Names: Hope First Appearance: X-Men #205 (Jan 08) Powers: Power mimicry Teams Affiliation: X-Men, Lights, X-Force About Douglas Adams once wrote, “It’s one thing to think that you’re the center of the universe — it’s another thing entirely to have this confirmed by an ancient prophecy.” That’s the cornerstone […]

Xavier Files Reviews 4/12/17

Zack reviews X-Men Blue #1, Weapon X #1, and Old Man Logan #21 as ResurrXion continues.   Music by Retcon X If you want to support the show make sure you rate and review the show or check out our Patreon! We are still working on getting iTunes approved but check out our iTunes | Google […]

Entry 069 – The Children of the Vault

Art by Clay Henry, Mark Morales, and Christina Strain Name: Several Code Names: Several First Appearance: X-Men #188 (Jan ‘08) Powers: Several Teams Affiliation: The Children of the Vault About The first thing Marc Guggenheim did in X-Men Gold was to lay out an argument for the fear of mutants. Unlike the Avengers, or the Fantastic Four, or […]

Xavier Files Reviews 4/6/17

Zack reviews X-Men Gold #1, All-New Wolverine #19, and Rock Candy Mountain as ResurrXion begins. New content every week on XavierFiles.com Follow Xavier Files on Twitter! Music by Retcon X If you want to support the show make sure you rate and review the show or check out our Patreon! We are still working on […]

Marc Guggenheim Is Going Backward To Move Forward With X-Men Gold

Marc Guggenheim is the mind behind X-Men Gold and CW’s Arrow and has previously written Wolverine, X-Men, and Young X-Men. He sat down with Xavier Files to discuss the ResurrXion of the X-Men. Xavier Files: The X-Men mean a lot of different things to different people, but what do the X-Men stand for in your eyes? Marc Guggenheim: It […]

Mutant Madness 2017 Champion

It was hard fought but Cyclops is the #MutantMadness champ! A special thanks to everyone who submitted brackets or voted or did anything! @Andy_the_Droid scored the most points and wins a line cut! See you next year!