Entry 056 – Skullfire

Art by Ron Lim and Jimmy Palmiotti Name: Timothy Fitzgerald Code Names: Skullfire First Appearance: X-Men 2099 #1 (Oct ’93) Powers: Energy Absorption and Redirection Teams Affiliation: X-Men 2099 About In 1962 ABC aired The Jetsons, an animated sitcom about the family of the future. The show took the trappings of domestic life in the 60’s and transplanted it a […]

Entry 055 – Wolfsbane

Art by AKATheZgrr Name: Rahne Sinclair Code Names: Wolfsbane First Appearance: Marvel Graphic Novel #4: New Mutants (Nov ’82) Powers: Werewolf ones Teams Affiliation: New Mutants, X-Factor, X-Force About Religion is a beautiful thing. It can bring communities together, take care of the downtrodden, and give people a sense of purpose in a chaotic universe. Religion is a horrible […]

Entry 054 – Surge

Art by JamieFayX Name: Noriko Ashida Code Names: Surge First Appearance: New Mutants #8 (February ’04) Powers: Super speed and Electricity projection Teams Affiliation: X-Men, New Mutants About In the classic short japanese cartoon, the Homestar Runner character Strong Bad answers a reader’s question about what he would be like as a Japanese Cartoon. The answer has always stuck with […]