Entry 053 – Cyclops

Art by Salvador Larroca and Frank D’Armata Name: Scott Summer Code Names: Cyclops First Appearance: X-Men #1 (September ’63) Powers: Optic Force Beams Teams Affiliation: X-Men, X-Factor About In his one-man show My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend, Mike Birbiglia describes his mania after being wrongfully found at fault in a car accident. After alienating his friends and family, Mike was left with just […]

Entry 052 – Tempus

Art by Andrea Sorrentino Name: Eva Bell Code Names: Tempus First Appearance: All-New X-Men #1 (November ’12) Powers: Time Manipulation Teams Affiliation: X-Men About The poem Ozymandias by Percy Shelly is a staple of 11th grade English classes because it hits on the most universal of themes, the unrelenting power of time. Who was once the king of […]

Inktober 2016 Round Up

Inktober is a great event where artists draw something for each day of October. We just wanted to highlight 31 of the best X-Men piece of the event this year. Enjoy and make sure to follow these creators on twitter!   #inktober2016 Day 12 The original Rogue one! #inktober #rogue #RogueOne #xmen #xmenapocalypse pic.twitter.com/8PkbSE3paA — Chris Henderson […]

Entry 051 – Xorn

Art by Gabrielle Dell’Otto Name: Kuan-Yin Xorn & Shen Xorn Code Names: Xorn First Appearance: New X-Men Annual 2001 (September ’01) Powers: White Star/Black Hole in his brain, healing Teams Affiliation: X-Men, Brotherhood of Mutants About The second law of thermodynamics states that entropy in a closed system will always increase. As a guy who engineers thermodynamic systems […]

Entry 050 – Rockslide

Art by Terry and Rachel Dodson Name: Santo Vaccarro Code Names: Rockslide First Appearance: New Mutants #3 (September ’03) Powers: General rock monster powers Teams Affiliation: X-Men, Hellions, X-Dudes About My first experience listening to Coheed & Cambria came from watching the music video for “A Favor House Atlantic” on Fuse. I was not a fan. That first impression stuck […]