Entry 046 – Rogue

Name: Anna Marie Code Names: Rogue First Appearance: Avengers Annual #10 (Oct ’81) Powers: Absorbs people’s powers and memories. Teams Affiliation: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, X-Men, Avengers About Teenagers are chameleons. They find a way to blend into their environments, to adapt to their surroundings, to absorb the influences all around them. One of my biggest worries as a […]

Entry 045 – Arcade

Art by John Byrne, Terry Austin, and Glynis Wein Name: Unknown Code Names: Arcade First Appearance: Marvel Team-Up #66 (Feb ’78) Powers: None Teams Affiliation: None Say what you will about the Comics Code Authority, and there are plenty of negative things to be said, but it allowed the genre trappings of superhero comics to evolve in a unique way. […]

Entry 044 – Cypher

Art by Diogenes Neves, Edgar Tadeo, and John Rauch Name: Douglas Ramsey Code Names: Cypher First Appearance: New Mutants #13 (Mar ’84) Powers: Understands all language Teams Affiliation: New Mutants, X-Factor About The intrinsic nature of superhero comic books requires action. It is great character development when the Avengers sit around the dining room table and talk about their feelings, […]

Entry 042 – Jubilee

Name: Jubilation Lee Code Names: Jubilee, Wondra First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #244 (May ’89) Powers: Creates fireworks, is a vampire Teams Affiliation: X-Men, X-Corps, Generation X, New Warriors About One of the useful tools a writer has to introduce readers to a new world is the audience surrogate. This is a character that is new to the environment, say the […]