Entry 026 – Frenzy

Art by Rafa Sandoval, and Matthew Wilson Name: Joanna Cargill Code Names: Frenzy First Appearance: X-Factor #4 (1986) Powers: Strength, Stamina, and Durability Teams Affiliation: Alliance of Evil, Femizons, Acolytes, X-Men About One of the most constant trope of the X-Men, and really comics in general, is a villain turning over a new leaf and joining the heroes. From […]

Entry 025 – Dr. Nemesis

Name: James Nicola Bradley Code Names: Dr. Nemesis, Dr. Death First Appearance: Lightning Comics #6 (1941) Powers: Hyperevolved Intellect Teams Affiliation: Battle-Axis, X-Club, X-Force About There is something about science that appeals to me and I think it is the sense of discovery. Finding something new is an experience I have always yearned for. That sense of discovery was half […]

Entry 024 – Callisto

Name: Callisto Code Names: Callisto First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #169 (May ‘83) Powers: Heightened senses and reflexes Teams Affiliation: Morlocks, Excalibur About There is a certain strength in deciding to abandon the modern world. Shed the trappings of everyday life and form a new society free of the glares of the ”normal people” who mock you. It wouldn’t matter what you […]

Entry 023 – Marrow

Art by Jorge Molina Name: Sarah Code Names: Marrow First Appearance: X-Men: Prime (July ‘95) Powers: Can grow and project bones from her body Teams Affiliation: Morlocks, Gene Nation, X-Men, Weapon X, X-Force About The X-Men are built on second chances. When the original run was canceled with issue #66 it looked like the X-Men would be an […]